of audience

What you see is not always what you experience,
but what you experience is always what you feel.

Have you met Neville?

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Connecting people
through emotion
& feeling

At the heart of engagement is feeling. We touch
people’s spirits and emotions, not just their minds.

What we do

Our goal,
your victory

We create experiences that make your people think, we provide the right environment to inspire and we deliver the opportunity to make the difference. Creating the right tactics to achieve your goals.

You still with us?


It cuts both ways

Telling your audience is not enough. It does not inspire and often omits the passion to change behaviour. By making your audience feel a difference, you create the difference.

What we do

Welcome to touch: Simplexity at its best!

Today, the world is complex. And every day it seems to get
more complex. But at touch, we cut through the complexity
and bring simplicity to the fore. We call this Simplexity.

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