Our People

Of course our Directors and Leadership team are all super-talented people, even Finance!  But the real work is done by an amazing team of in-house talent, comprising 100+ team members in the UK & US.

And they all work tirelessly to ensure touch creates exceptional events, communications and digital solutions for our clients. From lighting & stage build, to creative content, mobile apps, websites & so much more.  At touch, our people are at the heart of everything. We love what we do, so talk to us and feel the touch magic.

Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins

I'm a Dad of 5 great children ranging from 25 to 6 years old!! I'm so lucky to be part of a wonderful family both at home and at work. For the release from reality, I race in the Brscc Mazda Championship which is the greatest fun EVER!

Mike Ford

Mike Ford

I'm fanatical about sport, particularly footy, I’m nurturing all 3 of my kids to be sporting geniuses so fingers crossed my pension is sorted!

Colette Murphy

Colette Murphy

Passionate about travel, family & friends. I'm a Mum of 2 sporty teenage boys, so generally busy ferrying them to football, rugby and parties! Love nothing more than relaxing in front of the fire with the fam and Tess the Golden Retriever, a glass of something cold, pink & bubbly in hand!

David Bottrill

David Bottrill

Proud Dad to a gorgeous son & daughter, I'm ALWAYS busy at weekends. I have a passion for fast cars, travel, good food and wine, but not necessarily in that order.

David Selden

Cheeky chappie; never taking things too seriously. 13-year-old twins keep me on my toes and help with fitness levels. Enjoy simple things in life but also a smattering of living on the edge just to keep things fun!

Andrew Wilkie

Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Still London’s most eligible bachelor and rugby nut. I love to ski, drink fine red wine and consider myself a bit of an expert on coffee.

Paul Smith

Paul Murphy

I'm a Dad to 2 sporty teenage boys. Plus, a keen sportsman myself... although from a more relaxed position these days! I enjoy a few glasses of vino rouge, blanco or rose with family and friends, and oh, I love a bit of ‘banter’, so ‘keep your guard up’!

Alun McNair Walsh

Alun McNair Walsh

I'm a Dad to 2 amazing boys. I’m pretty laid back and easy going, with a sunny outlook on life. I love fast cars (that I can’t afford) and PROPER BBQ’s ( for those out there with gas BBQ’s….you’re not BBQ'ing, you’re just cooking outside!)

Jo Murray

Jo Murray

I love yoga, walks by the sea and re-charging my inner solar batteries; now that my kids have finally left home I might actually get time to do those things!

Caroline Wakley

Caroline Wakley

My spare time is spent being a pushy dance Mum to my dance-obsessed daughter! I love nothing more than a onesie and wine evening with my friends. I'm “Mum” to an Affenpoo (Google it) and wife to long-suffering Steve!

Jackie Kanhai

Jackie Kanhai

I enjoy nothing better than a catch-up with friends and a glass of the bubbles. Enjoy a good book! So much so, that I’m writing one myself! The next JK is in the making...

Sarah Dillow

Sarah Dillow

Mum of 2 cherubs, published author of one chick-lit novel. I’m at my happiest watching my children have fun and sharing a glass of red with family and friends – all whilst making copious notes for novel number 2!

Tom Husbands

Tom Husbands

I guess I will have to grow up and start taking life a little more seriously eventually. Until then FUN is the priority, whether at home or in work (but not in-between as that is the M25).

Stacey Rimmington

Stacey Graves

Mum to a boisterous toddler who keeps life busy and entertaining! I love spending time with family and friends, ideally BBQs on the beach when the weather allows. I'm a passionate baker who bakes a mean brownie and is partial to a Hendricks Gin (or 2..)

Lauren Ashby

Lauren Ashby

Life’s all about long holidays, big meals and cold drinks. I love seeing new places and meeting new people so I have the perfect job!

Kat Duggan

Kat Duggan

Life is all about enjoying time with my gorgeous family and friends. Always partial to a glass of vino busting some moves on the dance-floor and even performing the odd lunge!

Evie Bowyer

Evie Bowyer

I'm always smiling because there is always something to smile about. Love all things sport especially netball. My family tell me I hold the world record for the most amount of words spoken in a minute… well maybe not the word record… but definitely the family personal best.

Cathy Roberts

Cathy Roberts

I just adore being busy… I love having fun with my 2 young children, walking the dog on the beach, bike rides, camping weekends, I cannot sit still! Next challenge? The Brighton Marathon 2017!

Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor

I am a massive fan of rugby and any sport in general. I have 2 beautiful children who keep me very busy with ballet, tennis and horse riding (read: taxi driver). I like to run and cycle when I have a free moment….and shop!

Anna Thwaites

Anna Thwaites

After growing up in a large Greek family and marrying a Sicilian (who also happens to be a Chef) it has become quite evident that my life will always revolve around family & food! I love to travel, am a committed sun worshiper and enjoy nothing more than a cold glass of wine in the sunshine with friends & family!

Alison McNair Walsh

Allison McNair Walsh

I love weekend walks with my family & our dog which usually includes a nice pub to mark the finish line. Beyond country walks I have discovered I am very allergic to any other forms of exercise! Love G&T’s, wine, chocolate, travel & a great crime thriller book and spending time with friends.

Becca Davies

Rebecca Davies

Being a bit of a foodie, I love going out for dinner or finding a quirky street food hub with a buzzing atmosphere with friends. I also love my music so whenever I can, I like to go to festivals, concerts or a show in the West End.

Roger Parker

I'm an Essex Boy, married to a Geordie, recently discovered surfing and cycling (now a MAMIL). My retirement plan based entirely on being Dad to the first twins to play for Chelsea.

Stacey Bignell

Stacey Bignell

I love playing hockey, dancing till 4am and drinking Spiced Rum so my weekends usually involve all of the above! I have a Black Lab and a Puggle so a lot of my spare time is spent walking them. I love shopping and shoes, I definitely own too many pairs but that is our little secret!

Cara Ellis

Cara Ellis

I spend most of my time outside of the office running around after my little boy. When I do find some time to myself I love nothing more than going out for dinner and cocktails with the girls, putting the world to rights!

Hannah Bellamy

As well as being passionate about events, I’m a massage therapist and can’t get enough of studying the human anatomy. I grew up in France, speak French fluently, Spanish and I love being immersed in different cultures. Life’s too interesting to sit round watching TV!

Paul Munday

Dad of 2 boys in a football mad household and husband to a very tolerate wife... Love good food, live music, pop-up books, negative space and vinyl figures (hey, they are art!)

Abbie Brown

I adore my lovely friends and family, G&T's and yummy grub – that’s all I need to make me happy! I LOVE anything sausage dog, I’m Beyoncé obsessed and I enjoy traveling to new places.

George Salmond

Give me any bike and I will ride it, or even jump it. Aside for my passion for cycling, I love spending time with my son, daughter and wife. I’m fluent in Portuguese after living in Brazil for several years where I perfected my surfing and 4x4 off-roading skills. Well I say perfected…. I did get it stuck in a ditch once.

Phoebe Walker

If I could play netball every day of the week I would! Hopeless at managing my own finances and walking in high heels. My guilty pleasure is reality TV, much to my parents disappointment. I also fancy myself as somewhat of an interior design guru (as I have been to IKEA at least 4 times).

Amy Rimmer

Cheese-obsessed northerner seeing what all the fuss is about in London. I love my holidays (relaxing or adventurous!), cocktails and dinner with friends, baking and experiencing new things but there’s nothing better than having a good natter with a cup of tea!

Claire Cox

I love going out with my family and friends, for a nice walk with tea and cake or alternatively, a Mojito and a boogie! I have 2 amazing children, so my life is full of swimming, dancing, and Scouts.

Alice Gillate Pountney

I’m a pint-sized Londoner with aspirations to make a decent lemon drizzle cake, a history nerd who loves nothing more than exploring it through travel. I love pretty shoes for my feet, pretty bags for my arm, yoga for my soul…and wine for my sanity!

Lea Graham

I spend much of my spare time running around after my 2 lovely/lively daughters and I have a fondness for Gin. I love to get away from it all with my closest friends camping in fields or forests and by the sea. At work, I'm the go-to person for anything Excel related.

Ashlea Downie

People see me as a travel and adrenaline junkie as I’ve a passion for travel and trying something new. My last expeditions have been white water rafting and extreme mountain bike riding at Machu Picchu, scuba diving in the Galapagos, and ice climbing in Iceland!

Jen Banfield

I like to be outside as much as possible, running or cycling… I'm not very fast but it keeps me fit! Other than exercise, time away from work is spent with the other half and the step-kids, trying to pry them away from their iPads and re-equant them with the outside world.

Sam Moody

Having previously been a trolley dolly before a career in events, I still have the travel bug (even if the office isn't at 38,000 feet!) I love spending time with my gorgeous family and friends, especially if it involves a glass (or 2!) of bubbly!

Des Jefferies

I joined touch in 2015. I live with 3 black cats and in my spare time enjoy nothing more than playing snooker, pool and chess.

Kirsten Joyce

Dark chocolate enthusiast, experimental baker and adrenaline seeker. I'm happiest when spending time with family & friends, and exploring new cities. Known in the office for wearing all black, my cuppa expertise and my surprisingly challenging name.

Richard Salado

Self-confessed dedicated follower of Apple. I love to keep up with all new technology and my 3 kids love all the hand me downs. Weather permitting, I love to don my leathers and take the Ducati out for a spin - although even that has a dock for my iPhone :)

Chloe Lovett

I’m an enthusiastic traveller, sun worshipper, and experience go-getter! When I’m not globe-trotting you’ll find me working on my online beauty & lifestyle blog with my sister or indulging in delicious food and wine at local hotspots. It should also be mentioned that I’m a sucker for reality TV shows and that my iPod contains excessive 90s music!

Carly McCrossin

Aussie-Brit celeb stalker and roving royalist reporter! I might be on Kate’s blacklist, but I still found a way to be at the birth of my would-of-been-should-of-been son...Prince George! Always on the move and generally with a cocktail in hand, I have lots of time for family, friends, shopping, stalking and generally having a hoot!

Carrie Pearce

Outside of touch, I love to fill my time playing netball, going to a variety of gym classes or socialising with the girls – particularly working through the gin or cocktail menu! Family is also key to me and I love country or coastal walks with my husband or taking on the role of crazy auntie to my nephews and niece.

Anita Wild

Music loving mum of a toddler who keeps me on my toes! I enjoy getting hooked on a good box set with a glass of wine in hand. Looking forwards to getting back into the pilot’s seat of a light aircraft, and for my DIY mad husband to finish building the hot tub – currently unsure which will happen first.

Jade Davies

Professional sun chaser and part time fruit cider drinker. I love spending time with my friends and family… but I am always counting down the days until my next getaway.

Chris Jeffery

A certifiable car nut who enjoys the great outdoors. Waiting for my two fabulous kids to be old enough to have the patience for fishing and be helpful on family camps. Favourite evenings are spent with Mrs J and friends over a curry and cold beers.

Beth Crabb

Happiest when travelling and exploring new places! I'm a novice sewer and love dogs! Weekends are filled with family and friends, exploring hidden gems in London and the odd game of rugby!

Janine Hogg

Proud South African enjoying being a mother to my wonderful little boy. Spare time is spent travelling or attempting to play tennis. On nights out, I am usually the first one on the dance floor and I like nothing more than a large glass of red wine.

Jessica Macdonald

I love spending time with friends and family, travelling and going home to Scotland to spend time on our family farm. I’m also known for being rather partial to a glass of bubbly!

Francesca Geyoro

Food lover and music blogger who’s always up for new things and being creative! Happiest when I’m spending time with my massive family and amazing friends or laughing at the silliest things.

Chelsea Phillimore

Anything that involves cheese, beer and a dog makes me happy. I am also an avid country music fan and would kill to be able to take annual trips to Nashville. Oh, and one time I climbed Kilimanjaro!

Claire Moore

Disproportionate love of all things orange (except the fruit strangely). Currently working my way through the Ottolenghi cookbook with varying degrees of success, my children still look forward to the day I serve them something that doesn’t have sumac, za’atar or pomegranate molasses in it! Favourite saying: try it; you might like it.

Pete Finn

Loving life as a new dad, I also love music, travelling and discovering the world. You’ll always find me with a good book or three on the go at any one time. A big fan of sports from skiing to scuba diving, anything that gets me outside is a winner especially my border collie.

James Thompson

I have 2 lovely daughters which take up a lot of my spare time…mainly driving! I’m a big sports fan and can be found at Twickenham regularly for both rugby and American football….a passion I picked during my time in the US.

Rachael Vincent

I love to travel and discover new places, but am equally happy with a great film! Having a crazy 5-year-old boy gives me a great excuse to relive childhood passions of fast fairground rides and water slides, which make you smile for no reason at all!

Kevin Nash

A proud father of 2 young energetic boys. My weekends usually revolve around family & DIY. If I’m not swimming or at a play gym I’ll be hanging a radiator or painting a wall. Whenever possible come 20:00 I’ll have a vodka in hand watching a box set or film.

Grace Hockie

Cheese & wine lover, antique furniture collector and wannabe knitter. Baker of the world's best brownies according to my array of tiny nieces & nephews. Often found on Saturday afternoons debating the age-old dilemma: gin or gym?

Julie Scott

A lover of the outdoors, you’ll find me happiest when hiking my way to a spectacular view or taking a mosey along the coast. Very much a seeker of adventure and travel and all things creative and design. A hopeless romantic and a sucker for period dramas, where are you Mr. Darcy?!

Charlotte Buffery

In my spare time, I love to travel and see family and friends over a rather large glass of wine. In another life, before entering the events industry, I worked as a fashion designer so you will often find me pattern cutting over the weekends making the next unwearable item.

Rebecca Fortescue-Phillips

Until I realise my life’s dream of opening a wildlife sanctuary, I fill my spare time travelling with my wife and then blogging about it, volunteering at a youth club, attending air-shows, taking too many photos I never use and watching our Aussie god-daughter grow up over Skype.

Jessica Eke

I am passionate about dance and living life to the full. Despite my appearance, I am actually old enough to drink at the pub/club….and am known for my daily dizzy blonde moments. See you on the dancefloor!

Hamish Shafto

Andy Holton

A father to 2 fantastic children and husband to one amazing wife, my days are filled with Duplo, Playdoh and finger-painting, but when I’m not at work there’s nothing I enjoy more than making happy memories as a family.

Sean Dillon

Sarah Elworthy

South African born and bred, I love a good braai and any form of sunny weather. You’ll most likely see me running around in hockey astros with my Miniature Dachshund in tow. I have an unhealthy obsession with ginger, pumpkin and anything pink and sparkly

Luke Hammond

A keen football player in my youth, I’m now more supporter than participant! Proud father to 2 wonderful sons. Evenings are usually spent with my (soon to be) wife and friends listening to music over cold beers and a takeaway!

Katy Drayton

I love nothing more than spending time with the kitchen baking cupcakes and trying new icing flavours and designs! When I’m not in the kitchen, I enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews or having a glass of vino with friends.

Hannah Smith

Currently bringing down the average age of finance and bringing some attitude to the team. Outside of work I like spending time with my horse, dog and friends, even better if I have a glass of bubbles in my hand.

Kim Frazer-Hogg

I adore spending time with my family and friends, sharing stories over a glass of Prosecco or 2 and hitting the kitchen dancefloor to some good old cheesy tunes! When I’m not doing that I am watching my 8 year old fly down the wing of a football pitch

Oliver Smith

Nicky Hodding

Laith Kodi

Dan Stokell

touch USA

Custis Touch US

Kathleen Custis

Jersey girl from the start but Connecticut girl at heart. I live in Weston with my fabulous husband, spirited daughter and spunky son. I believe the key to a happy life includes: memories with family and friends,skiing in Park City Utah, a proper strand of pearls and college football. All of which I have been known to do together!

Candiace Dingle Touch US

Candiace Dingle

I am Indiana girl born and raised, now residing in Philly. I am a mommy to an animated, spunky little boy named Carter. I enjoy shopping, wine, a great margarita, and love being around friends and family.

Rachel Chamas

I am adoring every moment of being “Aunt Ray Ray” to my 2 gorgeous nieces and 1 crazy nephew. My friends and family mean the world to me and I believe in living a happy and healthy life to the fullest! I love sweets…and wine but if I had to choose (which would be cruel!) I’d choose wine! Hey, that’s healthy in moderation, right!?

Stephanie Graves

Proud wife and mama! Indiana born and raised, I enjoy all things racing, animals, cheese, chocolate, and bubbly. Happiest when I’m with friends and family, loving and laughing as much as I can every day!

Lisa McLaughlin

West Coast born, but the Midwest has my heart! Mom to 2 spirited, sports-minded littles and a wife, who loves to be busy! Cherish time with friends and family. I enjoy travelling, trying new restaurants and an evening by the fire pit or on the back porch with those who mean the most!

Colleen Healy

If lost, please return to the beach! Born and raised in NJ, I am an avid DIY'er, who appreciates an all-day wearing lipstick, cold mojito, and anything that has to do with Basset Hounds. If you ever need someone to help you kill a Sushi Boat, I am your girl.

Tara Wysocki

I am an East Coast girl that loves to run especially half marathons. In my spare time, I can be found cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles and enjoying life with my amazing husband and two dogs. I also enjoy traveling, laughing and wine of course!

Lauren Bunge

A Jersey Girl now living in Pennsylvania, I love to travel and have adventures with family and friends. But, I’ll also never turn down a night by the fire with a good movie, glass of wine and coloring book!

Piper Boyd

Married with 3 kids, 4 grandkids and a new lab puppy! Love traveling to my college son’s baseball games, being a “Nana”, sports of all sorts, good books, movies, wine and TRAVEL! Seeing new places, experiencing new adventures – this inspires me!

Georgia Duffy

Julie Bruce

Wine lover and bad joke teller from the Midwest. When I’m not watching reality TV, you can find me attempting a Pinterest project or hanging out with my husband and two fur babies.

Carrie Wetherby