Architects of audience engagement

We design, create and touch every aspect of an event, communication or digital campaign. We define the strategy, source the venue, manage the logistics, create amazing content, build immersive digital experiences and handle all AV production... and we do it all with a single purpose: to maximise the impact of audience engagement

Ducks in a row

Communications strategy is the foundation for engagement architecture. It’s not just the event objectives, messages, media and measurement that we think about, but how it connects your audience with everything happening in your business. Ducks and Magic!

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Your brand.
Your story.

Storytelling can be a powerful thing. Our Content Ideation / Creation team turns your raw material into narrative concepts we use to tell your story. We create the ‘red thread’ that weaves your messages together, whether Events or Digital. We help answer the big questions. What? How? Why?

We build it.
You look brilliant!

We don’t just plan it. We design it, hammer it, drill it, light it, project it… Our Live Event Production team turns your event into an experience that’s technically faultless. We make you look brilliant. We live for the live engagement.

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Like magic, it’s so good you don’t even notice

That’s our aim. The touch Event Logistics team does everything, from managing your audience database to running registration, planning flights, ground handling and hotel bookings. We make sure the coffee’s hot and the set-piece banquet is served at just the right time. We do all of this unobtrusively and with perfect delivery.

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Tap. Touch. Click.

Whatever your delegates' chosen device, touch creates innovative, immersive digital solutions for our clients. We develop digital solutions with the end user in mind, keeping the interface straightforward, intuitive and responsive.

From pre, during and post-event engagement websites to apps, social media conversations to augmented reality based teasers, and many more forms of digital experiences. We don’t just make it look great, we create a bit of digital magic backed up and optimised in real-time by audience data and insight achieving maximum impact and engagement.

Show me!

Right time.
Right place.
Right outcome.

The venue is critical to the entire experience. Whether your audience is local or international, we will help you answer those critical questions: What country? What location? What facilities? How will it make them feel? Will it create engagement? The touch Venue Sourcing team knows venues around the world, including the one that’s just right for you and your event.

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We motivate.

We specialise in motivating people to go that extra mile. That might mean incentivising them to exceed a sales target or recognising an exceptional individual or team performance.

How we motivate