All-New Fiesta Media Launch


The Brief: touch associates was tasked with engaging the media audience in a way that was different to previous new product unveilings.

The way we SEE it

In order to truly connect to something, it must be experienced emotionally. An emotional connection was essential in order to experience and understand all that the new Ford Fiesta has to offer.

We knew we had to create an experience that was unforgettable, emotionally charged and carefully considered. Something unlike previous media launches within the industry. To do this, we showcased the car in different countries with significant cultural value and beauty, designed to provide the media with an educational and highly memorable experience.

Each hotel location was hand-picked to complement the scenery, as well as the cuisine. The dedicated Ford team helped bring the vehicle to life through their consistent passion and unwavering energy.

The launch took place over three weeks with 21 rotations, accommodating 602 guests from over 20 different countries across Europe.

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