Culture is King

Company culture is an integral part of agency life and something that has been tested throughout agencies over the last few years.

A new buzz phrase called quiet quitting has gained momentum. This phenomenon goes beyond being a mere outcome of post-pandemic burnout. The pandemic made many people reflect on their priorities. Had they been putting work before family, friends, their own health and wellbeing? How do you achieve the right balance across all these important elements of our lives including work?

A robust company culture holds greater significance than ever before. Businesses require their workforce to feel a sense of belonging to both their colleagues and the company’s goals and values. Within Touch, our distinctive company culture known as ‘The Big Intimacy’ facilitates more meaningful connections, not only among colleagues but also with our clients and partners. Nurturing these deeper relationships brings about strategic advantages both internally and externally.

We have recently been breathing life into ‘The Big Intimacy’. While we certainly enjoyed the Agency games and had a huge amount of fun engaging in our Foosball tournament, the significance transcended mere enjoyment. These instances provide us the opportunity to re-establish connections with one another and with fellow professionals in our industry. This contributes to cultivating a positive work environment that subsequently enhances engagement, elevates happiness and contentment, and inevitably influences overall performance.

To get the very best from people, company culture really is king. A good one is a precious thing and needs to be looked after.