EMEA Virtual Conference


The Challenge: In April 2020, an EMEA live meeting was planned as a way to connect and unite the European country and regional brand teams in their growth and strategy plans.

Due to COVID-19 this meeting was postponed until the end of 2020, but the client wanted to find an immediate way to share key messages from the meeting, ensuring that an impactful, insightful and memorable experience was achieved with all employees, now having to work from home.

touch associates were tasked with providing a virtual, live event for up to 800 attendees with two weeks lead time,  in a way that still remained engaging, motivating and inspiring for employees.

The way we SEE it

A virtual meeting platform providing a flexible mobile and web interface to enable participation, available in 6 languages, with simultaneous translation of main plenary and the networking function.

A gamification strategy that encouraged the audience to ‘play’ and compete in virtual live leader boards, as well as a virtual live conference that felt as meaningful as a face to face event.

A real-time social wall showing attendee photos, comments and videos (updated live)  helped bring another element of visual connectivity across the region, as all attendees were joining from their homes.

Existing content was utilized but adapted for presenting virtually, in order to drive engagement and interaction.

The leadership teams in Europe and Asia were live-streamed from their homes via the portal giving participants the opportunity to hear about the strategic direction of the business from Senior Management and to ask questions live.

Groups headed into live Country & Function meeting break-outs and returned to plenary for closing remarks.

All content was recorded and available for review post event.

The Good Stuff

90% cost saving
11.5 hours per attendee engagement
97% attendance to the event
747 unique attendees
6 languages utilized
25 live break-out meetings
37 countries participated
37 departments joined

A few words from the client…

Our conference is built upon a Winning Together spirit and this is our flagship event within EMEA, so we had to mark this occasion with as much significance as we would in any other year. We knew we needed to create an experience and a Teams or Zoom appointment in calendars would not create the impact we desired.

The portal enabled us to build a sense of anticipation and it exceeded my expectations of how we could encourage our 700 plus colleagues to engage virtually. It is echoed across the attendee feedback that the bespoke portal, level of production added and gamification created an energy across EMEA.

Event Lead EMEA

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