Our unique approach…

Our team possesses a rare alchemy of long-standing experience, innovative artistry, considered precision and logistical understanding. It’s a powerful blend of strategic foresight, visionary talent and delivery-focused outcomes that makes Touch Experience events unique in their impact.

Defined by this genuine differentiation, the ‘Touch Equation’ is central to our approach.


Ultimately, we dream big, push the limits and never settle for anything less than the extraordinary. Working in perfect harmony across teams and touchpoints to always Imagine More.

The Gathering

Client: Premium Whisky Brand

Relationship: The client aimed to regroup, reconnect, and reignite understanding and passion for their three core values post-COVID.

Location: London, UK

Case Study

Client: Rentokil

Relationship: The Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony is an event for sales employees across the six separate companies within the business.

Location: Blackpool, UK

Change the Game

Client: Automotive Client

Relationship: A four-day event for 500 employees to act as a platform to START the cultural CHANGE within their organisation. 

Location: Sywell, UK