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The Client aimed to regroup, reconnect and reignite understanding and passion for their three core values post-COVID. Additionally, they sought to expand the reach of whisky to new demographics, increasing brand visibility and attracting a new generation of enthusiasts.

In July 2022, The Gathering united 1950 UK employees to shape the future of the business, inspiring post-pandemic values of OPEN, BOLD, UNITED. The event reignited enthusiasm, investment and anticipation for the future of the client and whisky. Led by a new CEO, it aimed to create a convivial, informative and inspiring day, followed by a celebratory evening.

We recognised the importance of unity behind a cultural shift to deliver the company’s vision. The event effectively communicated the vision and emphasised the impact of attendees’ roles. It deepened connections to company values, encouraged dialogue and facilitated networking among diverse colleagues. Utilising data from previous surveys, we crafted a purposeful event.

In the lead up to the event, a robust internal communications campaign fostered belief in the future of the client and whisky.


The delivery of The Gathering exceeded expectations, immersing attendees in an unforgettable experience that embraced the values of Open, Bold, United. Halls 3 & 4 at the SEC Glasgow were transformed into visually stunning spaces, setting the stage for the event.

In Hall 3, colleagues registered and sampled thrilling  products, creating anticipation for the day ahead. A powerful film captured the emotions of the COVID era, establishing a shared understanding. In Hall 4, teams engaged in values-led experiential activities, fostering collaboration and deepening connections.

Teams gathered around campfires, engaging in meaningful conversations to reflect on their learnings and forge personal commitments. The main hall hosted enthralling presentations, including an inspiring opening segment by the CEO, with the grand finale featuring the distribution of instruments, creating a moment of sheer conviviality.

The convivial evening treated colleagues to fantastic music, delectable cuisine, and captivating brand activations. Attendees mingled, shared stories, and celebrated the success of The Gathering, fostering a sense of community and shared commitment to shaping the future of whisky. Captivating brand activations, including a Royal Salute reception, a Chivas Drinks Reception, a Ballantine’s gaming zone, and The Glenlivet capsule activation, added to the excitement and created an immersive experience.

The event left attendees inspired, connected, and united in their dedication to the client, the world of whisky and the future of the company.



Creating a captivating and inclusive experience that appeals to a diverse audience in terms of both the content shared and the immersive manner in which it is presented.

How we responded:

  • Audience demographic research conducted
  • Research informed content delivered
  • Experiential content created using the VAK model

Delivering an event that not only appeared to be sustainable but actually implemented tangible sustainable practices, yielding measurable and meaningful benefits for the environment.

How we responded:

  • Bamboo lanyards
  • No single use food servings
  • No plastic bottles
  • Water Coolers
  • Recyclable furniture
  • Engaged with Event Cycle, who recycled camp chairs post-event


Colleagues have gained a deeper understanding of and are now adept at embodying Open, Bold, and United values in their daily responsibilities. They feel more informed about their priorities, aiding in realising the clients’ vision of shaping the future of whisky and the impact that will have on the market and their customers.

Post the event, an internal survey displayed a significant uplift in comparison to previous results. This positive shift was seen across a number of core attitudes towards culture, confidence, values and job satisfaction and testament to the clients’ ongoing commitment to supporting their people so they can achieve their best.


Feel more informed on our priorities that will help us achieve our vision, to open up to shape the future of whisky.


Rated The Gathering positively overall