Transforming Tomorrow’s Travel

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Amadeus have a very clearly articulated corporate vision -“To shape the future of travel”. A vision big in promise and deliberately ambitious by design. A vision capable of being inspirational enough to energise and inspire a highly skilled and talented workforce, yet one likely to come under constant scrutiny and capable of constant sense checking. Whilst the vision and its intent was disseminated and understood throughout the organisation, there was, amongst senior management, a concern that it should be more than just a promise, that it should manifest itself in clear delivery.

So, during a Touch ‘discovery’ workshop for the annual Leadership Event, it was decided to adjust the balance and ‘walk the walk not just talk the talk’.

The idea that we put before the leadership team was to create travel technology’s pre-eminent ‘go to’ annual event and, as a result, firmly present the organisation as a genuine innovator to the existing workforce, future prospects and the wider industry at large. Not a marketing event or another run of the mill trade show, but a genuine thought leadership event. The Industry thought leadership event. A “C” suite meeting of minds. An invitation for the industry to come together and for collective benefit to genuinely challenge itself and come together for the greater good in order to pave the way ahead.

T3CH was born. A name derived from the 3 T’s of Transforming Tomorrow’s Travel and the notion of it being centred around the key component of Tech.


Few industries have an opportunity to shape the future like Technology and Travel. In a world where speed is of the essence, where people are expected to work in multiple locations and where information flow is required to be instantaneous, new insights and innovations are essential to keep up with ever increasing demands. T3CH is an event where the development of such innovations and insights are actively encouraged and promoted. But such thinking will only be made possible by the people who attend – the group of next generation thinkers who will be the catalysts of change.

The touch derived campaign idea: “Say Hello to the Transformers”

A campaign idea was created to promote T3CH by making heroes of the very people who will make the transformational change in technology and transport possible. Championing the human side of innovation “Say Hello to the Transformers” launched T3CH in a unique way by applauding the human contribution of technological progress – the very element required to make the event the success it required. We didn’t celebrate the hosting brand, we didn’t celebrate an industry changing product.We very deliberately celebrated the very people who were going to be paying to attend. We made our audience the heroes.

The Tools of Transformation

  • A programme that featured speakers ranging from Tim Berners-Lee through to Cloud ArchitectStrategists at Amazon, Technical Directors at Google, Hackers from Tel Aviv University, Security Chiefs at IBM and CIO’s from Air France
  • An agenda built around 5 key sessions (Cloud, Security, People, Intelligence and Travel Industry Transformers) break-out panel sessions, audience deep-dives and Innovation Hubs
  • A programme of constantly evergreen and updating social media content using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram media channels.
  • Hashtag activations, Vox pop videos, and daily re-cap videos. All housed on T3CH media channels
  • A transformational dining experience in the evening – a gastronomic journey that began in outer space, an innovative gourmet experience where dishes blend with exhilarating virtual scenery with imaging and mapping on the guest’s tables, whilst they consume dishes blending the hot and cold, the fluid and solid from all over the world.

The Results:

Delegate attendance targets were surpassed, with 343 attendees onsite, against a target of 250.


increase on set target


Companies atteneded


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Confirmed that the event was very valuable and necessary for the industry


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