How we motivate


You might only wish to say ‘Thank You’ to acknowledge an individual’s contribution in the form of a simple printed card. Alternatively, you might be looking to develop a more structured, multi-level programme identifying values and behaviours, idea generation and innovation. Either way, we can provide the strategic, creative and operational resource needed to implement the most appropriate and cost-efficient recognition programme just for you.

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Sales incentives

Whether introducing learning as part of the plan, so your salespeople are better equipped to sell new products or services before the programme goes live and the promotion of competition that offers great rewards, we will identify the best possible solution for you and support this through engaging and motivational communications.


We can provide an innovative, aspirational and exciting reward portfolio, providing the right combination of flexibility and choice to maintain motivation levels and achieve excellent performance from your target audience.

Incentive travel

Even in our ever-changing world incentive travel remains the number one reward choice; but why? It's in our DNA, we love to travel, and we love to discover. Travel can deliver experiences that live on long past the trip itself and can act as a powerful driver for continued performance and engagement. We have provided some amazing experiences in all four corners of the globe, and as new destinations emerge, we are ready to add to our long list of 'wow' moments.

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Reward card

We believe we have one of the most competitive reward card offerings in the market. Whether you’re considering a performance-based incentive, long-service award payments, a global reward and recognition programme, or a combination of all three. We’d love the chance to talk and establish whether touch’s Visa-based reward card is the right motivational tool to fit your budget, meet your objectives and deliver maximum engagement.