Jul 13, 2016

The Rise of Drones at Events

Drones are on the rise…everywhere…and especially at events… 

The drone’s technical name is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).  Drones are truly just that: robots with the ability to fly autonomously or free from man/woman.  They differentiate from a radio-controlled helicopter in that they are typically guided by GPS and have the ability to follow commands from point-to-point.  They are best known for their use in the military, but are quickly integrating into mainstream use.  In fact, many large companies like Amazon and Google have been experimenting with drone usage for same-day delivery.  Check out how Amazon Prime plans to one-day implement drone delivery here.  There are many possibilities for drone usage.  However, current privacy restrictions and safety regulations have unfortunately prevented drones from being widely adopted. 

Outside of the military, Google and Amazon (to name a few), drones are gaining massive popularity and acceptance at meetings and events.  The most prevalent use for drones at meetings and events is to provide cost-effective photography and videography with exceptional perspectives that likely could not be captured outside of expensive helicopter shots.  Not only does the mere presence of a drone at an event optimize the experience for all attending, but the footage captured is nothing short of extraordinary.  Nothing compares to the attendees’ reaction after seeing their meeting captured from the sky!

Creating these moments at meetings and events is our objective at touch.  We knew that expanding our digital ecosystem to include drone photography would be the perfect addition to larger events inspiring that WOW factor we strive to create.  We also loved the idea of optimizing the traditional event experience.  Photography is the traditional norm at events, while aerial drone photography is unique and unexpected.    

Recently, we worked with Miranda Parry, the London-based, award winning photographer and the Director at Miranda Parry Photography, to capture one of our larger events in Venice.  Miranda, who has regularly worked with touch, chose to use drone photography at this event.  We caught up with Miranda to give us the scoop on why she incorporated drone photography at our event in Venice.

“I’ve loved photographing corporate events for the last 20 years, so I’m always after a new twist to keep my clients interested and excited,” said Parry.

“We’ve been flying drone cameras for a couple of years, and tend to take one on most jobs, especially if abroad.  Most of the events I shoot require a montage for when the attendees are entering the room on the final day.  This is when I like to include some aerial footage within the usual highlights to give a sense of location.  An overhead shot of the venue or some exterior team building/dining gives a completely fresh perspective on a client event.  Clients are genuinely wowed by the images.”

“I currently own the new DJI Inspire 1 and we’ve started experimenting with the latest 4k video too.  Most of the events we attend are also covered by a videographer and with the extra remote control, I can hand-over the camera controls to a cameraman whilst I fly the drone.  I’ve flown the drone at corporate events all over the world and now with my trusty BA silver card, I can fly it for free in the hold!”

“The team at touch are more open to new technology than a lot of other clients, who are frightened by the bad reputation drones have in the media.  I tend to fly the camera during down-time from an event schedule.  On a recent incentive trip with touch in Venice, I wanted to combine a sunrise with empty streets which meant a 5am start.  Luckily, touch’s client loved it, which made the early wake-up call worth it!”

Check out some of Miranda’s extraordinary photos captured at our event in Venice:Elite_2015_1497.JPGElite_2015_1493.JPGElite_2015_0599.JPGElite_2015_0596.JPG

As drone usage is on the rise, we at touch look forward to continuing to use drone photography and videography at our events.  We cannot wait to one-day expand our drone usage beyond photography and perhaps into data capture, site visits, performances, virtual attendees and perhaps even delivering items to attendees or microphones to speakers!  The potential opportunities for drones are exciting and we look forward to being on the forefront of this technology. 


For more information please contact:  Paige Layng  1 973 525 8682