Sep 27, 2017

touch, an award-winning company

CIT Awards 2017 149 Winner 15b.JPG

Last week saw the industry awards season draw to a close with the C&IT Awards evening.

We’re delighted to announce that our love labours paid off, winning nationally with UK Conference of the Year at C&IT Awards, as well as two high commendations for Best Event Solution to a Business Challenge and Internal Communications Challenge of the year. Safe to say we left the Grand Ballroom of the Park Lane Hilton with the trophy cradled in one hand and our dancing shoes dangling from the other.

CIT Awards 2017 122.JPG

We must admit that we have a love-hate relationship with these event awards as most of us are humbler (Neville, aside!) in nature than our magenta fingerprint might lead you to believe. Our natural tendency is to shy away from the spotlight, keep our heads down, work hard and do a wonderful job, in the end, receiving whichever measure of gratitude our clients extend to us.

But over the past year, our #magentamagic team have dedicated hundreds, if not thousands of hours to researching the latest and greatest venues, delivering unparalleled events in ever more fearless destinations, and striving to curate the most creative communications campaigns in the business. So, we decided it was about time to write about it. And yes, we won’t lie, winning was fantastic! However, having touch people recognised on a celebrated platform, for the hard work and their commitment to doing a good job week-in, week-out, was the prize.

Until next time, here are the details of our shortlisted event to give you a taste of that touch magic…

Three years ago, touch began our journey of working with Healthcare at Home to change the way they viewed their company-wide conference, from standing and telling in plenary format to a genuinely engaging event.

For this year’s conference, we worked with the leaders of the business to design an interactive meeting space and agenda. Five zones were created to address the five fundamental pillars of the business strategy. The zones guided people on an emotional journey, from tears, to the feeling of terror, created purposefully by the high-performance speaker, to laughter and amazement.

The event was an enormous success; delegates experienced a one of a kind conference, touch delivered the components 15 times over three days.

A huge thank you to our partners at Healthcare at Home, who are as much a part of this award as touch is.

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