Pamphlet issue no. 1

touch as pamphleteers:

Pamphlets have a long and rich history in the UK as a means of
storytelling; sharing a particular point of view on subjects of political
and religious interest. Rarely impartial, they never considered both
sides of the subject.

At touch, our approach to engagement is intrinsically linked to our
culture of ‘the big intimacy’; an approach which originates and thrives
on people revelling in being themselves.

This issue’s topic, true to both original principles, has been selected to
help us convince you.

We may be pushing at an open door but, in doing so, we hope to
engage you in a worthwhile conversation which we believe is key to
any businesses’ success.

We hope you become believers. That’s the magic of engagement.

Indeed, we hope you find this pamphlet both magical and engaging.
Then, at the very least, we will have done ourselves, our culture, and
the great history of pamphleteering, justice.

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