Keeping Everyone Covid Safe

As we all continue to do our part in stopping the spread of Covid-19, and find ways of keeping a smile on our faces for a few more weeks as vaccines are rolled out and the sun starts to shine, keeping our staff, clients, freelancers, crew and suppliers Covid Safe remains a top priority for touch.


Here is what we are doing to keep everyone safe;


Working from home


Under the current government requirements all our staff are working from home.


When we’re not working from home


On occasion we have the need for some staff to attend our offices. When this is the case we have strict procedures in place as follows:


Temperature taken on arrival (anyone recording a temperature of over 37.8°C will not be allowed to enter the offices)


Confirmation that they have not been in contact with anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms/having received a positive COVID-19 test result in the 14 days prior


Confirmation that they are not suffering from any published COVID-19 symptoms


Check in using the NHS COVID-19 app


Only sit at designated desks to adhere to social distancing rules


Regularly use sanitiser (provided at all door entrances and other touch points throughout the building)


Wear a mask when moving around the building


If using communal areas, wipe down all touchpoints with provided spray after use



Meeting rooms are communal contact points therefore


Staff are required to use the hand sanitisers when entering and leaving the meeting rooms


Staff must adhere to the ‘one meter distance plus’ rule at all times and wear a mask or face visor whilst in the meeting




In addition to the standard touch COVID-19 policy in place for all staff, for any clients or technical staff visiting our offices / virtual studios, touch has implemented the following COVID-19 policy



Only pre-arranged visits to the office are permitted (in order to manage the number of people in the building)


Prior to visiting the office, a touch COVID-19 health declaration form will be required to be completed and returned


On arrival at the office, standard COVID-19 measures are to be undertaken


A floorplan is provided of the 2 virtual studios with clear indications of layout and where people are permitted


In addition to our usual high quality cleaning procedures, a deep clean is undertaken of all studio areas pre and post an event



Live & hybrid events


As we move back to live events , touch will continue to ensure COVID-19 policies are adhered to at all times.


When sourcing/working with venues for the live element of a Hybrid event or for a purely Live event, we will require sight of the venue’s COVID-19 policy, and conduct a site visit to ensure COVID-19 safety procedures are in place. As a minimum the venue will have:


Undertaken a full COVID-19 risk assessment and appropriate staff training


Have appropriate Government approval to be trading (if appropriate)


In addition, touch COVID-19 secure events trained staff will undertake their own COVID-19 risk assessment as part of the pre-event planning process to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all event attendees / event staff


On-site, daily temperature checks of all event staff will be taken.  As part of the on-site kit, all staff will be issued with masks, sanitiser, antibacterial wipes & disposable gloves (if required)



We will all be seeing each other soon, we are sure of that, but until then….keep safe.