Pamphlet issue no. 2



Almost four months since the implementation of lockdown, it’s getting no easier to confront the inconvenient truth.


The world we knew will, at some point, return but for sure will not be the same as the one we left.


And whilst some changes will be hard to swallow, and less easy to come to terms with, others may well have impacted on us permanently in ways which we could never have imagined.


Rather than rushing back to the ‘old world’ as a matter of default, might it not be more interesting to contemplate what the lockdown has taught us and consider how we can move forward into new possibilities rather than default trying to recreate the old status quo?


Because, as Noam Chomsky once said,
“Nothing ever vital or interesting came out of the status quo”


The world of engagement, be that employee or brand focussed, has changed forever. Evidenced perfectly by the  fact that both Facebook and Twitter are already questioning the need for a traditional ‘return to work’ or even for office space in the old sense.


One thing, however, remains clear, there will always be a fundamental human need to engage.


The question, now, is what’s the best “how?”