our history is rooted in

live communications and events


 this core focus and strength has allowed us to successfully evolve to become a leading  full service agency attracting clients from multiple sectors and industries

The hallmarks of success are common; a laser like focus on audience engagement, enabled through immersion in the brand, company and its culture; coupled with a deep understanding of how to create impactful engagement in live and virtual environments.


Informed by our culture of the “Big Intimacy”, we are at our best when we get to know clients by developing close partnerships with the aim of understanding them as a business, their brands and culture better than they know themselves.

our pharma story…


50 years of board level expertise engaging external and internal pharmaceutical audiences, combined with long standing partnerships with industry leading organizations, and associations working across global, regional and in market activities.


This has resulted in a passion for engaging audiences making a real difference to patients and people’s lives via a deep rooted knowledge in understanding the complex audience dynamics within the pharmaceutical sector.


This is what sets us apart and enables us to provide strategic insight coupled with effective solutions for  the likes of BMS, Merck, Sanofi and Santen. Read more about our experience and capabilities in this core sector.


However, our passion and knowledge is not restricted to just one sector.








…and the development beyond


An additional 50 years, board level, communications experience with automotive brands (and a Chairman who races cars on his odd day off)  combined with our reputation, expertise and service excellence has now developed into press and product launches, dealership conferences and rewards programmes with global marques such as Ford, Mercedes-Benz and others.


Which has extended into technology, where projects for Amadeus and Fortinet have provided us with the opportunity to extend and amplify our skill sets into areas requiring equal amounts of specialised attention.


It doesn’t end there. Our unique methodology and flexibility now means we are now proud to serve clients in the oil and gas, fintech, retail, FMCG and entertainment industries.

As Architects of Engagement, who we work with just keeps building