ISSUE EIGHT: “Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s”

The Collins Dictionary defines this as “someone that pays great attention to every small detail in a task”. However, it’s often used to express annoyance because such detailed work seems unnecessary and takes a long time. Well, that is something that Claire Cox, one of our super detailed Delegate Managers, definitely does not find annoying. […]


It’s finally becoming a topic that is starting to be talked about, doctors are getting educated on it (slowly…) and women are learning what to expect and how to deal with it. Considering it is something that happens to 50% of the world population and affects the other 50% (the men that have to put […]

ISSUE SIX: “The magic lies within”

Isn’t it great when things go like clockwork? But have you ever looked at what’s under the bezel? You’ll find lots of little cogs and springs and ratchets – each one a different size, going in a different direction, and at different speeds. And it’s essential of course – you need that variety to create […]

ISSUE FIVE: “The brief wears the pants”

It’s magical, largely mythical, and yet has been known to happen, but how do you get a creative design approved on the first proof? In this issue of intouch insights, one of our amazing creatives, Bec’s Fortescue-Phillips, shares the importance of a good brief and the difference it can make in achieving the end goal […]


Project Finance has a reputation for being dull and rather boring, the logical versus emotionally driven team who use unfamiliar language, opaque jargon and are generally known for being as dry as your “I’m only going out for one” mouth, the morning after your regretfully big night. But it’s far from it! In this issue […]

ISSUE THREE: “Pitch Fever”

Stepping outside your comfort zone is for some a daunting thought. But for touch Senior Project Manager Sophie Dervan, the opportunity to do just that and take a key role in a major pitch, revealed that sometimes being outside of the comfort zone is exactly where you need to be! READ MORE

ISSUE TWO: “The Prize is in the Process!”

When it comes to process it’s all about thinking like there is no box! In our second issue of intouch insights, Caroline Wakley (our very own official unofficial CPO) shares insights on the way her team supports the wider business, and, why the Prize really is in the Process! READ MORE