It’s in our genes. It’s in our people. It’s in everything we do.

Trusted by some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, life sciences and biotech companies, We Know Healthcare lies at the heart of who we are.

Utilising our core building blocks of tech-enabled capability, creative services, event management expertise and robust compliance controls, we fuse life sciences know-how with our can-do culture. Igniting a vital creative spark that ensures impactful engagement and healthcare advancement in everything we do.

And we do it with one thing in mind – your key audience.


External Audience

Through our strategic initiatives, targeted campaigns and outcome-focused events, we facilitate effective engagement solutions for external HCP and KOL audiences with robust data, reporting and regulation compliance.

Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of life sciences activities encompassing research, clinical trials, development, product launch and the commercial lifecycle. Informing our comprehensive external audience services that include:

  • Effective management of in-person, hybrid or virtual congresses.
  • Expert creation of compelling and engaging exhibit booths.
  • Impactful symposia delivery to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Advisory board meeting organisation to gather expert industry insight.
  • Investigator meeting coordination to support clinical research advancement.
  • Facilitation of scientific exchanges to drive innovation and collaboration.
  • Access to a vast network of subject matter experts to add credibility, impact and engagement to your healthcare meeting or event.

Internal Audience

Applying our core principles of audience engagement and leveraging our deep knowledge of our clients’ internal strategy, vision and culture, we provide consulting and support to numerous franchises, functions and teams in order to achieve effective employee engagement.

Our expertise extends across various areas of your internal business needs with services covering:

  • Facilitation of impactful communication campaigns.
  • Hosting of storytelling-led workshops to illuminate learning.
  • Organising and delivering compliance-focused virtual, live and hybrid events.
  • Providing unrivalled internal support across your entire business structure.
  • Key departmental expertise and client servicing across leadership, brand management, product, sales, medical affairs and market access.