Our unique approach…

Our team possesses a rare alchemy of long-standing experience, innovative artistry, considered precision and logistical understanding. It’s a powerful blend of strategic foresight, visionary talent and delivery-focused outcomes that makes Touch LifeSciences events unique in their impact.

Defined by this genuine differentiation, the ‘Touch Equation’ is central to our approach.


Ultimately, we dream big, push the limits and never settle for anything less than the extraordinary. Working in perfect harmony across teams and touchpoints to prove time and again that We Know Healthcare.

Our Methodology

ProjectLab360 is our bespoke planning process that sits under our custom-built framework. This ensures all our events are delivered in a consistent, compliant and cost-effective manner.

For our global clients this provides the assurance that we will deliver optimal operational excellence, even on a mass scale, accurately deploying the appropriate skill-set and geographical resources to support their needs.

Seamless Compliance and Risk Management

We understand that compliance is paramount in the healthcare industry. It’s this knowledge that enables us to navigate the complexities of regulatory requirements and streamline project delivery times.

Ensuring all touchpoints are compliant with industry regulations, allowing our clients to gain the biggest possible benefit from a risk and worry-free experience.

Innovative Technology Solutions

We leverage the latest event technologies to enhance the attendee experience and streamline event management. From virtual platforms and interactive tools to seamless registration and data management systems, we ensure that your event stays at the forefront of technological innovation.

Importantly, we only deploy technology when it improves the experience. A carefully curated approach that mitigates needless distraction and boosts overall engagement.

Unparalleled Client Support

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional client support throughout the event planning journey. Where a dedicated team will collaborate closely with you, providing guidance, creative ideas and timely communication to guarantee your vision is brought to life. We are committed to your success and will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

It’s this human touch and our deep-rooted passion for our work that means together, we can shape the future of impactful, outcome-driven healthcare events that make a genuine difference to the lives of patients.


All of above included: